Channel Slab Specification

SCOPE:The work consists of furnishing all materials, labor and equipment necessary to install Channel Slabs as shown on the drawings and in accordance with the following specifications.

MATERIALS:The slabs shall be MidCon lightweight precast concrete channel slabs manufactured by MidCon Products, Inc., Hortonville, Wisconsin. Slabs shall be composed of an approved brand of Portland cement and the highest grade lightweight aggregate, accurately graded and thoroughly mixed and vibrated to obtain the greatest possible density. All lightweight concrete shall have minimum compressive strength of 5000 psi in 28 days. Each leg shall be reinforced with one deformed bar accurately centered so as to have at least one-half inch of impervious concrete on all sides. The web of the slab is to be reinforced with a sheet of galvanized welded wire mesh accurately placed. When specified, heavyweight sand and gravel concrete is available. Rebar can be galvanized or epoxy coated as required.

SHOP DRAWINGS:Shop drawings based on the structural layout shall be submitted by the slab manufacturer for approval before proceeding with the manufacture of the slabs.

INSTALLATION:The installation of the slabs shall be performed in a workmanlike manner and in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Panels should be unloaded, stored, hoisted and handled on edge. Bundles should be handled with nylon slings. Lifting should be done by the method of cradling, not choking. All joints between the slabs shall be cemented on the upper side with an approved brand of asphaltic cement and the finished deck shall present a smooth finish ready for the application of roofing material. Slabs shall be anchored on alternate corners to the supports with galvanized clips furnished by the manufacturer.

RELATED WORK OF OTHER SECTIONS:Bearing of slabs on supporting members shall be at least 2". Cants, curbs, and saddles shall be provided by others. Any and all bearing steel shall be provide by others (i.e. roof deck, opening framing, etc.). Protection of joint against damage until roofing is applied shall be provided by others. Bearing surfaces of supporting members shall be kept free and clear of bolts, rivets, welds bridging and any other obstructions that would interfere with proper seating of precast slabs. Built-up roofing may be applied using as asphalt primer as per roofing specifications for precast concrete deck.

NOTES:No broken slabs are to be installed and all slabs shall be straight, true and as near perfect as good workmanship permits.